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To date, Michael and I have have not written much in our efforts to cover Barton Athletics for The Bulldog Insiders. We’re still letting the dust settle from the short football season and strategizing how we can best cover all of the action going on in Wilson. We're also juggling our day jobs. Yep, adulting is tough sometimes.

Michael is based in Los Angeles and I am in Raleigh. Obviously, it would be great if we were both based in Wilson but we’re not. That will limit what we can do in the amount of sports, games, and events we can cover live. But with technology, we can close that gap from time to time.

The start of the football program was my initial target to start The Bulldog Insiders. I've helped cover NC State football for the past three seasons and wanted to take that experience and work to provide the same coverage to Barton’s athletics program. Football is obviously the bell cow, but there are so many quality teams that Barton fields and it’s hard to try and give equal time and coverage to them all. I wish I could be at every lacrosse game, every soccer match, every pitch, and so on. I want to help tell the Bulldog experience. Michael and I both do. Barton is our alma mater so we want to help spread the news.

While I helped to cover the Wolfpack, Michael brings years of experience covering professional sports including the Carolina Hurricanes and boxing. He's taken on starting his own news site as well. We also both served as sports editors on The Collegiate staff while we were at Barton. A variety of experience from both of us to say the least.

One goal above all others is that we will bring the Barton story to not only our subscribers but to the public. We will also make sure that we are truthful in our analysis and coverage. Not only do our followers deserve this, but our integrity calls for nothing less.

If we post or write anything about any student-athlete at Barton College, it will be without malice, harmful intent, or any effort to berate anyone. While we want to see everyone succeed, there will always be a winner and there will always be a loser In sports. plain and simple. To tell this story, we have to be able to call things like we see them. If it means saying someone didn’t cover their opponent properly or missed an assignment, that’s what we’re going to do.

At the end of the day, we’re still going to promote Barton’s student-athletes and be their biggest cheerleaders. I hope that our coverage will help to show the tight-knit community that Barton College is.

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